If your senior stakeholders don’t see clear value and tangible benefits from your employee survey program, it is – or will soon become – just another well-intended HR program.

Maybe …

  • Your senior leaders approved your program, but they don’t think they need to make any changes.
  • Your project team is simply too small and too busy to focus on this area at this time.
  • Your past efforts to create solid links to business results have fallen on deaf ears.

It’s time to take a fresh look at measuring business impact, and by doing so, Reenergize your Employee Survey!

In this webinar, we will highlight three techniques you can use to incorporate real business outcomes into your employee engagement initiative, and present a client case study that will open your eyes to the possibilities!

Part 1:
Increase Your Managers' Commitment to Employee Engagement

Part 2:
Equipping Your Managers' Bosses and HRBP's to be Better Coaches

Part 3:
Changing the Focus of Your Action Planning Efforts



Mark Phelps
Chief Engagement Enthusiast 
TNS Employee Insights
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