Survey Design Tips

Connecting Engagement Surveys to Your Business, Brand and People Analytics

December 13th @ 1 PM Central

No two client businesses are identical; however, at the core, every business is looking for the best ways to engage their employees. A well developed and valid survey instrument is the foundation for improving employee engagement and driving business success. This 30 minute educational webinar unveils simple tips to help you develop a survey approach that ensures you understand, predict, and influence your employees' engagement.

In this webinar, we'll answer questions such as:

  • How do I choose which questions to ask? Should they be benchmarked or custom questions?
  • How can I decrease the number of questions but still collect actionable data?
  • How can I use branching, piping, and dynamic survey logic to collect better data?

And introduce the 3 phases of best-practice survey development:

  • Discover Understand what makes your organization's engagement and culture "tick"
  • Design Produce effective and efficiently designed surveys
  • Deploy Confirm the survey provides strategic insights and is tied to key outcomes

We hope you can join us!



Paul Quandt

Director of Consulting Operations

Paul has a double masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and Quantitative Methods with over 13 years of extensive field experience consulting for Fortune 500 organizations as well as small/medium sized global businesses.

Brittany Aguilar Ph.D.

Senior Methodology Consultant

Brittany has her doctorate in Business Psychology and masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology with over 10 years of experience in both corporate and academic settings.