Talent Wars

Weaponize Your Engagement and Turnover Data

The 2017 economic upswing has enabled unsatisfied employees to hunt for better opportunities. As the war for talent heats up, smart organizations are realizing that their biggest challenge will be to hold on to the talent they have, and hire enough new talent to meet strategic goals.

    Are you winning the talent war? Ask yourself…
  • Do you have a solid understanding of your current culture and how to continuously measure and improve it?
  • Do you have a dazzling brand image and employee value proposition that attracts top talent?
  • Do you have the data necessary to provide upper management with solid action plans that guarantee results?

Incorporating exit data in to your engagement, culture, brand, and other full employee life-cycle measurements is the key to beating the competition in a game where every new hire and employee matters. Great companies know that it takes highly engaged employees to retain customers and make their brand promise come alive. Research shows that turnover is a top predictor of low performance, poor or declining culture, and a red flag that your competitors are doing something you aren’t – so get ahead of the problem and improve your game!

    In our fast-paced and expert-driven webinar, you will:
  • Discover the right way to complete the employee measurement cycle
  • Learn the crucial importance of connecting engagement, turnover and other data
  • Discuss issues you may face and how to overcome them
  • Explore how organizations capture and integrate employee life-cycle and customer experience data to win the talent war!

This webinar is designed for Human Resources, Organizational Development, Employee Engagement and Talent Management professionals everywhere.



Brittany Aguilar, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant at TNS Employee Insights

With a doctorate in Business Psychology and a Masters of Arts in IO Psychology, Brittany is an expert in survey design and analysis, employee engagement strategy and execution, and talent management and business alignment.

Brittany’s advanced degrees are from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Her dissertation research is the leading edge of generational differences and leadership strategies applied to employee engagement. She also teaches graduate-level Organizational Attitudes & Survey Design, International Human Resources Strategy and Organizational Leadership.

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