We're Hiring!

If you are seeking a career and not just a job, think about joining TNS Employee Insights. At TNS, we regard each of our associates as individuals with vast knowledge, expertise and the potential to advance. We respect each of our associates and encourage them to voice their opinions in order to create newer and better work processes.

At TNS, we pride ourselves by enjoying a rich variety of ethnic backgrounds, ages, and gender. We enjoy a pleasant camaraderie to which our associates have a sense of belonging. Aside from the requirements for the position, TNS strongly feels that the right fit in our culture is the most important qualification for the job.

We are seeking to fill the following positions:

Full Time Positions:

Marketing/Communications Specialist 
Lake Zurich, IL 

Employee Survey Client Support Specialist 
Lake Zurich, IL 

XML Developer
Lake Zurich, IL 

IT Security Specialist
Lake Zurich, IL

Independent IO Consultant 

Paid Internships:

UI / UX Design Intern
Lake Zurich, IL 

Client Support, OD/IO, Marketing / Communications  &  IT/ Programming
Lake Zurich, IL