BIG DATA vs Your Data

Most organizations today use only a fraction of the potential value of the HR data they currently collect. Whether it’s survey and assessment data or turnover stats, we often don’t take full advantage of what’s revealed about our organization, and how we should take action.

In this webinar, we will introduce and discuss 3 powerful techniques to unlock the full potential of your current HR data. We will apply these techniques to employee engagement survey results, and the role that HR should play in converting this data into positive business impact:

  • Learn how to display and position employee survey data to get senior leaders’ attention.
  • Learn how to convert a tactical debrief into a strategic discussion.
  • Learn how to use your data to increase the effectiveness of your leadership programs.



Mark Phelps

Chief Engagement Enthusiast at TNS

Mark’s HR and talent development journey began over 30 years ago and includes leadership positions in employee engagement consulting practices, as well as heading up R&D efforts to develop new and innovative leadership development offerings used by tens of thousands of managers globally. Mark has broad consulting experience across the field of talent management and a true passion for helping organizations develop more highly engaged workforces and stronger leaders.

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