HR vs Leader-Led Surveys

Who should lead your next Employee Engagement Survey?

As the pace of today’s business environment continues to accelerate and more millennials join the workforce, it’s no wonder that organizations and leaders request their needs to get more frequent feedback from employees. The buzz around leader-led surveys is intensifying - as it should! In fact, some organizations are empowering leaders, managers, and HR business partners with the option to run quick pulse surveys. These will accelerate and adjust local action plans while central HR moves to a biennial census survey.

We will put the concept of leader-led engagement surveys under the microscope, and deliver new insights on how to find the employee engagement survey “sweet spot.”

In this webinar you will discover answers to these critical areas:

  • Is your organization ready for a leader-led employee engagement survey program?
  • How do you leverage the importance past survey experience?
  • What new technology is available to support this strategy?
  • What is the role of your leaders in making this choice?
  • How does leader accountability and capability impact this decision?
  • How will your organization's climate impact your readiness?
Bonus- All attendees will get a free 90 day trial of our new OnDemand survey suite for up to 25 managers!



Paul Quandt

Director of Consulting Operations

Paul has a double masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and Quantitative Methods with over 13 years of extensive field experience consulting for Fortune 500 organizations as well as small/medium sized global businesses.

Brittany Aguilar Ph.D.

Senior Methodology Consultant

Brittany has her doctorate in Business Psychology and masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology with over 10 years of experience in both corporate and academic settings.