5 Easy Ways to
Re-Awaken Your Employee Engagement Survey Initiative

Recording & Slides

Is your employee engagement survey strategy as alive and vibrant as it could be? Are managers with low scores totally accepting of your external benchmark norms versus wasting time nitpicking and debating over them? Do your senior leaders truly see the value of measuring engagement and how it impacts the success of your business? If you cannot answer 'YES' to these questions, it's probably time to give your survey process a wake-up call. Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to elevate your engagement initiative so it gets the right attention from senior leaders,
  • How progressive companies are engaging and empowering managers through pulse surveys, and
  • How to raise the bar with more ambitious benchmark data guaranteed to get real manager support.



Mark Phelps

Chief Engagement Enthusiast at TNS

Mark’s HR and talent development journey began over 30 years ago and includes leadership positions in employee engagement consulting practices, as well as heading up R&D efforts to develop new and innovative leadership development offerings used by tens of thousands of managers globally. Mark has broad consulting experience across the field of talent management and a true passion for helping organizations develop more highly engaged workforces and stronger leaders.

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